Grooming Tips For Grooms! Preparing For Your Big Day


Tying the knot is always a nerve-wracking moment in a man’s life. You’re up in front of both yours and your partner’s family and friends- you have to say lines, dance and even make a witty speech. Let’s face it, it’s enough to send even the most confident of guys running for the hills. When you want to make a good impression, you will of course want to be looking your very best and knowing you do can give you that confidence boost you need to get through the day. With that being said, here are a few things you can do to ensure you’re looking sharp.

Hit The Gym
Your wedding and honeymoon make awesome motivation to push yourself with your exercise regime. Along with eating clean, hitting the gym or signing up for some sporting activities will allow you to trim down on any excess fat, tone up and generally make you feel good about yourself. The average engagement length is around fifteen months, if you start working out right away, you can be in the best shape of your life by the time your wedding rolls around. If you’ve been out of the fitness game for a while or just need some added motivation, hiring a personal trainer could be a way to go. They can put together a routine that works for you, allowing you to achieve your goals.

Experiment With Hairstyles
Have you had the same hair and facial hair all of your adult life? What once looked good on you might not work for you any more. Aging and hair loss or gaining/losing weight could mean your style is no longer doing you any favours. Try out a couple of hairstyles in advance of the wedding, find something that you really feel confident wearing. Grow out your facial hair or shave it off, try new things, check out men’s fashion magazines and blogs for inspiration. Avoid anything too ‘trendy’ since these will quickly look dated as trends move on, and your wedding pictures will be around for a very long time! Think classic, flattering and sharp.

Find The Right Suit
You might not put as much thought, and attention into your suit as brides put into their dress. However, there’s no denying how important this is to get right. Again, exercising and eating healthily will make this process easier since everything will fit much more nicely. Think about different colors, styles, and accessories. To ensure a perfect fit, you could have a tailor create something for you.

Look After Your Skin
Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or time-consuming. If you have any skin conditions such as acne, speaking to your doctor or dermatologist as early as possible will allow you to start treatment and improve your confidence. If not, a moisturizer, eye cream, and occasional face mask will help your skin to look clear and radiant.


How will you be preparing for your big day?

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