Boozy Or Bashful? The Bride's Guide To A Brilliant Bachelorette Party

Why is it that the Best Man organizes the Stag do, but often it’s down to the Bride to sort out her own Bachelorette party? I know we Brides can be somewhat picky and demanding (we’ve just had to plan an entire wedding, you know.) Maids of Honor and Bridesmaids beware! If we’re left to organize the whole Bachelorette bash ourselves, it’s going to be indulgent, fun, and the greatest night of our lives! Who’s picking up the tab?

If you’re not into drunken falling about and silliness, then don’t do it. Of course, if you’re looking to blow off all that steam from months (years) of wedding planning, then, by all means, head to the bar. Be safe though. A gaggle of girls can sometimes be an easy target out and about. Book your transport ahead of time, and pick your venues in advance. This is a celebration - champagne all the way!

More and more brides are picking spa days for their Bachelorette parties. All the invitees spend the day together relaxing and being pampered. This can work out really well if you schedule it for the day before the wedding. It means all those beauty preparations can be done and dusted ready for the big day. Have your nails done, your hair set, and treat yourself to a semi-permanent makeup. Lie-in anyone?

Of course, you might be up for the wildest night of your lives. Don your customised t shirts and head out into the city. Book a VIP lounge at the most exclusive club in town. Eat at a five-star restaurant, and visit every bar you know. Finally, enjoy the entertainment package your wonderful Besty has organized (after much badgering.) Your place or a hotel suite? Come on girl, you’re only going to do this once, right?

Loud and Fun
Karaoke is still a firm favorite for big parties like yours. You can choose a venue with a private lounge, so it’s just you girls. Or maybe you fancy putting your voice out there for everyone to hear? If you’re feeling really daring, why not challenge your entire party to an open mic night? You could even go as a group. There’s nothing stopping you all putting in a few rehearsals in advance either. Pick a song that defines the night.

Something You’ve Never Done Before
So this is your last night of singlehood. What on earth are you going to do to mark such a momentous occasion? Why not jump out of a plane? Or maybe you could scale a 100ft climbing wall? Every tried a bungee jump? What have you never done that you really want to cross off your bucket list? Take a boat ride under Niagara Falls or take a flying lesson. Make it something extra special.

So you’re getting married in the morning, huh? You may need a hangover cure and an emergency makeup kit! But first, check out all the awesome selfies from last night. It was only one night, but you’re going to remember it forever. Happy wedding day.

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