Before Your Big Day: Getting Through The Engagement

For a lot of happy couples, their engagements aren’t quite the deliriously joyful time that they might have expected it to be. Getting married is one of the best things you’ll ever do, but actually planning that wedding day can be extremely stressful. Here are a few things you can do to make sure that you manage to enjoy your engagement...

Get Organised

First of all, make sure that you’re as organised as you possibly can be when it comes to planning your wedding. Give yourself as much time as you can - it can be tempting to get married as soon as possible but if you want a big day with all of your friends and family, you’ll probably need a little more time so you don’t spend the entire run-up to your wedding racing around like a headless chicken in an attempt to get everything ready. Make sure that you create a document with all your important wedding information in it, so that you have lists of what you need to do and book, what you’ve already paid and what you need to pay, and guests who have RSVP’d. Staying on top of your organisation is the best way to ensure that you don’t get too stressed out and that you can actually enjoy parts of your wedding planning, so that you and your fiance don’t get irritable and start snapping at each other!

Get Honest

It’s important that you communicate well with your husband to be. A lot of women start their engagements off with a big fib when they claim to like their engagement rings when they’re actually not too keen on them - if that’s the case with you, confess to your partner and get over to a diamond wholesaler so that you can pick out something new that you absolutely love. It’s important to make sure that you keep talking to each other during your engagement as much as you can. A lot of people forget about the real reason that they’re getting married, which is of course your love for each other, so make sure that you maintain this love by going to see a relationship counsellor to sort out any issues before your big day. Learning to talk to each other and how to communicate effectively is one of the most valuable skills that you will ever possess.

Get Happy

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your life before you get married as much as you possibly can! Don’t turn into the sort of person who does absolutely nothing except wedding planning - make sure that you keep going out to see your friends regularly and that you take date nights with your partner so that you can enjoy spending time together just like you always have. You could even take a pre-wedding holiday so that you can bask in the sun and relax together - it doesn’t have to be too far or for too long or cost a lot of money. The most important thing is to focus on spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

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