Are Your Wedding Plans As Personal As Possible?

When you get married, you absolutely want the day itself to represent you, your loved one, and your shared bond, as accurately and as fully as possible. This is something that can actually be achieved quite easily. Most people know that choosing the right venue, having the right kind of evening entertainment, and choosing a dress make a difference here. But there are plenty of little details to think about too - and it is often in these little details that the real difference is made. If you want your wedding to be planned in such a way as to speak to you personally as much as possible, then read on. Here are a few great ways to do just that.

Mix Tape Gifts

One of the central things you need to think about is the favors. People quite often struggle with these, in part because it can be so difficult to think of gifts that everyone or at least most people will want to take home. Something that is likely to fulfill that wish, while also being as highly representative of you as a couple as possible, is to design a mixtape which represents you both. This can be a combination of songs which you both enjoy, and which you think everyone else will too .This will guarantee that the favors are actually picked up and not just left on the table!

Personalised Rings

A particularly personal touch to the whole day is the choice of rings. These are much more for yourself than anyone else at the day, so you should make sure that the two of you are really happy with it. For the most personal touch possible, you should think about trying to get your rings personalized, perhaps with an inscription. You can do this long before the day itself with diamond engagement rings, or with the wedding rings themselves if you prefer. Either way, this is a subtle and considered way of making your day more personalised, and one which you can cherish forever.


Wedding Cake

The cake is commonly looked upon as an opportunity for self-expression, and it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity. If you want to make this as personal as you can, then you might want to think about having a personalised wedding cake topper. These are actually surprisingly easy and cheap to get hold of, and yet can make such a profound difference to your whole day! What's more, it’s a detail pepe are bound to see.

Monogrammed Veil

Your veil might not be the first thing you think of here, but actually it is a great opportunity to get a little of yourself across into proceedings. You could consider having a monogrammed veil, for instance, which can be really personal, or simply a unique style which nobody has gone with before. This is one of those nice and yet bold little touches which can really help you to bring about a more personal feel, so it is well worth considering.


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