You Got The Dress, What About The Rest?

We all have our own idea of what our big day is going to look like. But for some, the reality of putting it all together gets pretty muddled once you have the most important ingredient: the dress. Instead of giving yourself the almost impossibly arduous task of piecing the wedding together bit by bit, it might be a good idea to come up with a comprehensive strategy of piecing it together in advance then finding the right fit to put it together.

Building the heart
This is a piece of advice that should be given to every woman who finds herself with the sudden pressure of having a wedding to organize. There are few tools more useful than an inspiration or mood board. With sites and apps like Pinterest, it’s a lot easier to collect and curate sources of inspiration from all over, helping you piece together the individual aspects of the theme you want.
Set the scene
Getting the perfect look for a wedding ceremony or the wedding party is about more than choosing the bits and pieces that make the physical part of the scene. Setting a mood is just as important and can be easily achieved with the right focus on technology. AV equipment hire teams could help you get not only the right lighting but added touches like fog and snow machines. These little touches put the final stamp on the look of the wedding, adding to it an appeal and an impact that goes well beyond the choice of d├ęcor.

Add your own touch
For a lot of people, it’s not enough to just have their choices on display. It’s a day that has serious significance to you, so you might want it to have your very own unique fingerprint. To that end, why not think about adding something handmade to it? Whether it’s a custom-made centrepiece or your own DIY welcome and celebration signs, you can make the wedding truly yours by putting a bit of yourself in it.
Don’t forget the unspoken language
There’s a lot to say on a wedding day. You have guests to talk to, vows to make, and maybe even a speech to give. Sometimes you can have trouble expressing yourself thoroughly even with all those words. When you’re choosing arrangements for the wedding, why not think about the language of flowers instead of just how they mesh aesthetically? It gives you the opportunity to put some thought into communicating something beautiful and wordless and can lend to some of the more unique arrangements you’ll find.

Catching the right image
Of course, the wedding isn’t just an event. It’s a piece of history you’re going to want to remember for the rest of your life. To that end, put some thought into the style of photography you want, too. Consider the locations around the venues of the day, for instance, to spot any idyllic locations you and your party could slip off to for some snaps between the ceremony and the party.
It’s your big day and it’s one of the greatest chances you have to express your individuality, your creativity and, most important, your love. Hopefully, the tips above help you get the visual part of that expression nailed.

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