What Kind of Bachelorette Party Is Right For You?


When it comes to weddings, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Your day will depend on your tastes and personality, and bachelorette parties are much the same. Whether you’re being forced into throwing one by your eager bridesmaids or you can’t wait to let your hair down after months of wedding planning- here are a few different types of party to consider for your bachelorette.

A Budget Bachelorette Party
If you’ve maxed out your budget with your wedding, you might be a little unsure about what to do on your bachelorette party. Maybe you just want to keep things a little more low key and not break the bank. You could throw a party at home and ask everyone to bring a bottle and/or a dish. You could get some inexpensive decorations and still have a fantastic night without the need to spend tonnes on entry fees or anything else.

A Healthy Bachelorette Party
Celebrating can be tricky when you’re trying to be healthy. Delicious party food and lots of alcohol aren’t really an option if you’re sticking to a strict plan! Maybe you’re trying to shift those last few pounds before your big day, or maybe you just really enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. If this is the case, something like a bridal boot camp could be an option. It’s hard work but is a fun way to get in shape along with your closest female friends! If you or anyone in your group is pregnant, how about something more chilled like a spa day? Pampering treatments, a light lunch and plenty of relaxation. Just what you need after the stress of planning a wedding!

A Wild Bachelorette Party
Want to really let your hair down and have one more wild and crazy night before settling into married life? How about a bar crawl, some nightclubs or a party bus? You could book tickets for Hunks The Show showing their stuff for something a bit flirty, or even book a crazy trip or mini- break abroad with your closest girlfriends.

An Adventurous Bachelorette Party
Paintballing, zip wiring, water balling and other fun activities are usually associated with bachelor or stag parties. But why should they have all the fun?! There are companies dotted around the country that offer these kinds of things, you can even stay over in lodges and make a full weekend of it.

An Elegant Bachelorette Party
Want to keep it ultra classy and enjoy an elegant party for your bachelorette? How about a champagne dinner party or an afternoon tea? You could put together something like this yourself, scour sites like Pinterest for ideas on how to get everything set up. Alternatively you could book it at a fancy restaurant if you want to go out. Perhaps you have older relatives joining you at your bachelorette and need something suitable, taking your mother or mother in law to a club for example might not be a good fit! Maybe you just love the idea of a super fancy and sophisticated do, and these kinds of occasions are exactly that.

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