A Practical Wedding

A proposal at sunset may make up for the lack of a ring

Is there room for practicality when it comes to a wedding? Or is it just one big impractical spectacle? To be practical and feasible in life means to do something based on real circumstances rather than on theories and ideas. But does this work at a wedding? Make sure to read on to find whether there is room for being practical at a wedding, and the pros and cons of doing so.

Like in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the story of every wedding centres around a ring. Specifically it is engagement rings that these particular stories base themselves upon. For this reason it is imperative that the right ones are chosen. And because it is imperative that the right ones are chosen, does that mean a practical approach should be taken? Let’s face it, men aren’t generally attuned to choosing the right jewellery for their female partners. Men are far less likely to be experts in the field of jewellery than women. Because of this, when it is a piece of jewellery of such importance like an engagement ring or wedding band, should the latter be in charge of the choosing? Practicality screams yes. Practicality screams that any man that is thinking of proposing to their partner should seek their assistance when they pick the ring. But romance screams no. Romance screams that the man should produce the most perfect of rings when they get down on one knee. Romance screams this because it is is this spontaneity that makes this moment so special for those involved. So, the pros and cons of being practical in ring picking are evident. A pro is that it means less time, and possibly money, is wasted through the purchasing of the wrong ring. A con is that it takes away the traditional magic — the spontaneity and surprise — of a proposal. Because of this personal preference should be the guiding factor in this situation. If you are a man and you know your other half loves to be surprised or loves tradition, then take the risk and pick the ring yourself. But if you think your other half wouldn’t mind helping to pick the ring then you should ask for their help in order to waste as little of both of your time as possible. There are though ways to retain tradition even when you choose this practical route. You could go through the traditional motions and expectation of a proposal, but instead of producing a ring you could produce another token of your love — a Haribo ring, perhaps?

And the argument between practicality and traditional spontaneity extends itself further than the proposal: it extends itself to the wedding plans. With the picking of the ring it is not the end of the world if you do in fact pick the wrong one because it can just be taken back and replaced. But choosing the wrong things during the planning of a wedding can lead to financial fiascos. If, for instance, you and your partner let your heart rule the guest list you could end up over-inviting. And when you over-invite it means you are then forcing yourself to spend more money than you realistically need to. Remember, for every person on your guest list there is an expense. Everybody on it needs to eat, and you need to pay for it. Everybody needs a seat, and you need to pay for it. Because of this you really should be practical and frugal with your guest list. Just because you spent one epic night out with somebody five years ago, it doesn’t mean you need to invite them to your wedding. Just because you say hello to somebody at work every day, it doesn’t mean they need to make the guest list. It is easy to get carried away in this situation and find yourself inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry that you know to your wedding. You should however rein it in and be sensible. If there is somebody who is knocking on the door of the list then you should take into account how much they really deserve to be there before you send the invite out to then. Make sure to check out these tips for making a guest list if ever do need to draw one up yourself.

Can weddings be practical? Yes, and it makes sense that they are. Yet at the same time there is room for impracticality too. There is, at certain times, room to let your heart take control of the proceedings rather than your head. Without the surprise and spontaneity that impracticality induces weddings just wouldn’t be the same. Yet at the same time it can be detrimental to your finances if you aren’t practical. So, the next time you are charged with organising a wedding make sure you sprinkle a healthy dose of the practical and the impractical on it.

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