Unique Ideas for an Entertaining Wedding

It’s true that weddings are occasions where you gather all of your friends and family to celebrate your love and unity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. On the contrary, your wedding can be the perfect occasion to express your individuality and show what kind of person you are. Keeping guests entertained is one of the major challenges in today’s wedding world, so here are several ideas if you want your wedding to be remembered as a fun one.

Drawing caricatures

Renting a photo booth so your guests can take some fun photos is quite popular for weddings, but you can take this to another level and provide your guests with unforgettable memories – their personal caricatures. All you need to do is hire a good caricaturist and make sure the guests have enough time to get their cartoons drawn. You can put your chosen caricaturist to the test and use his drawings for your wedding invitations – a nice drawing of the groom and bride-to-be sure is different than traditional invitations. Ask your caricaturist to post all the sketches online as well, so your guests can download them in high resolution; print them on a mug, etc.

Get prescriptions for a happy marriage

There’s nothing people like more than giving advice about your future marriage, so why don’t you give them the chance to do it, formally? Provide cards for the guests, where they can write their prescriptions for your happy marriage and let them have some fun. You can make it into a suggestion box as well, and ask stuff like “What are we going to name our children?” or “Where should we celebrate our first anniversary?” You can even make your prescription cards look like actual doctor’s prescriptions and let your guests be marriage counsellors for a day.

Hire an entertainer

Not everyone has a father-in-law who can entertain the guests all night long with his witty toasts and jokes. Hiring a professional entertainer, such as a stand-up comedian, is one of the best ways to ensure your guests are entertained. It’s essential to find a good one, so check out comedians for hire and find one that suits your and, more importantly, your guests’ sense of humour. Don’t forget to make sure his jokes are appropriate, especially if you have kids at the wedding. Also, plan the whole event carefully and see where the comedian will fit best – somewhere between the dinner and dancing will be the perfect timing.

Channel your inner kid

For all the children that hide inside you and your guests, you can organize plenty of childish games at your own wedding. Think gunnysack races, corn toss, giant Jenga, and other games your grown-up friends will love. Also, you can rent a bouncy castle and take your wedding entertainment to another level. It’s even better if you have actual children among the guests, so you can organize races and matches in different categories and make sure everyone’s having fun. For gunnysack races, you can even design your personal gunny sacks and let the guests take them home as a memory from your wedding. Make sure the sacks are big enough, divide your guests into teams, and let your team bride show what it’s got.

Weddings are organised so grownups can celebrate their love and share their joy with friends and family. But getting married doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have some fun – go ahead and make your wedding as fun as you want it to be. Eat, drink, and be merry – that’s what weddings are all about.
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