Not-So-Obvious Wedding Photos

One of the major parts of your wedding day is taking the photographs. But a lot of people take the same old photos which live on the mantelpiece for years to come. However, if you want to make your day special, here are some not-so-obvious wedding photos you need to add to the list!

You need a photo with your parents before the wedding

You are bound to have several pictures of you and your parents with the groom after you have got hitched. But for something really memorable, you should get a photo with your ‘rents before you get married. After all, you will all be full of emotion at the upcoming nuptials. And it will be the last photo you have with your parents before you become a ‘Mrs.’ You will always remember that picture before your mom goes to take her seat, and you walk down the aisle with your father!

You need a photo of the groom’s face when you walk down the aisle

A lot of girls look to see their hubby to be’s reaction when they walk down the aisle. But it’s easy to miss the exact moment they spot you and see how beautiful you look. After all, you will have all your guests who will be looking at you. And it can distract you from looking at your partner. To ensure you can look back on that special moment your other half first saw you, you need to ask your wedding photographer to make sure they capture that moment. In fact, a lot of wedding photographers ask you for a list of photos you want. So add this one to the list to ensure you always get to remember what your hubby looked like when he saw you!

You need a photo of the wedding party during the service

Of course, you are bound to have a ton of photos with your bridesmaids and ushers. But it can be great to have some photographs of them during the service. After all, you might be able to get some emotional shots of them watching you get married. And as you will be looking at your beau during the service, it’s easy for you to miss their reactions. And as well as your bridal party, you might want to get photographs of the congregation during the service. After all, seeing your auntie in tears of joy, or your friend singing dramatically can be special moments you want to look back on!

You need photos of your reactions to the speeches

Wedding speeches can often be one of the best moments of the day. After all, it can bring emotion and laughter to the wedding day. And it can be really moving to listen to your father give his speech. As well as your new hubby talking about your relationship. But while the photographer might capture the speaker, it can be good to get them to take photos of you and your husband’s reaction. As this feature explains, a picture of you two can be a lot more meaningful than of the speakers!

And doing fun photos with guests can make your photos more special. For example, you could get all your guests to hold sparklers for an amazing photograph!

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