Fun Ideas For Your Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

With weddings, there are certain traditions that stick at others that we are now seeing in decline. For example, the bride still nearly always wears white - but the trend for 'something borrowed' has fallen by the wayside in most modern weddings. Another concept that is, to an extent, dying a death, is the bachelor and bachelorette party. Just a few years ago both of these events were regarded as wild knees-ups; fuelled by drinking, nightclubs and excessively wild behavior (on both sides). Nowadays, however, this kind of culture has been disbanded somewhat. More couples are keen to share the experience of a pre-wedding party together, especially if they have the same group of friends (plus, it cuts costs too). If you are thinking of having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party with your partner, here are some fun themes and ideas you might want to try.

Camping trip

A fun camping trip can be a great old-school way to get the gang back together for some pre-wedding fun. There is something particularly fun and innocent about going camping - probably because it's something most of us used to do as children. Doing it as adults can be very nostalgic and spending some time in the great outdoors is, of course, always a good time providing the weather is good. Set up a few tents, or if you do feel you need a few more home comforts, rent a cabin for everyone. Spending a few days hiking and laughing with good friends is a great way to get away from some of the stresses that wedding planning can bring - now who's bringing the BBQ?!

Party at home

Not only does having a party at your home work better for that wedding budget, but you can also have much more flexibility in your theme. Some of your friends may find the idea of going out to bars or nightclubs a bit of an alien idea, especially if their college days are far behind them! Throwing a bash at home means you can relax in a much more welcoming environment, and you can be as silly as you like too. Consider throwing a themed event; for example, use superhero party supplies to help with a fun costume party. You could even base the event around a particular concept such as high tea or a garden party.

Bride vs Groom

If you really want to inject a bit of fun into your bachelor/bachelorette party, hold a bridal party vs. groomsmen event. Call it the 'Wedding Olympics' and run a bunch of different challenges for your guests to compete in. You could keep it classic with games like apple bobbing and races, or set mental challenges such as puzzles and riddles. If there was ever a time to bring out your competitive side, it's this! Add a few games like Cards Against Humanity and Heads Up in and you're all sure to be rolling on the floor laughing by the end of the night.

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