Matrimoney Ain't Baloney!

He or she proposed. You said yes. The excitement began and the wedding date is being discussed, or is already set in stone. That’s the easy bit done. Believe it. It only gets harder from here, with more things to take into consideration and logistics to plan (just wait until you get to the seating plan…), but organising the biggest day of your life will be worth it in the end. The day after, you’ll wonder what you were getting so worked up about!

Most people getting married don’t know where to start with getting the ball rolling, but here are some tips to remember to get you going…

Anywhere can be a venue

Don’t be put off by restrictions or what the initial starting-stage looks like - weddings have been held in barns, warehouses, fields, anywhere you can imagine. Never dismiss the power that a few simple decorations can have to bringing a place together; both the vintage and minimalist look is currently very in, so even something as simple as stringing fairy lights across an empty warehouse can have an amazing effect. Build up on the decor until you have your desired effect; you may find that you’re not using as much as you had originally expected.

Keep your guests guessing

The worst thing you can have at your wedding reception is your guests stood around bored. It’s not like you have to make the whole occasion a treasure hunt for them, but having things strategically placed around for them to indulge in is a sure-fire way to make things go smoothly everyone and to stop you from worrying. Photo booths are an amazing time-filler (examples can be found at https://boothboyphotobooth.com/) and your guests will love dressing up and posing in front of the camera; usually most photobooth companies give both you and your guests a copy of the photos taken so everybody gets to leave with memories of the night.

Break the tension

There will always be somebody who doesn’t know somebody else at a wedding. Instead of fretting over your table plans, look up some conversation starters to put into a bowl in the middle of the table. As vain as it seems, people are always willing to answer questions about themselves; it’s just part of human nature to let people know what we love and hate, and opinions will start flowing out before you know it. Instead of the awkward silences and nods that will inevitably come by placing those who don’t know each other together, there will be conversation flowing throughout the night. Simple, but it works.

There are a lot of trends popping up for the coming year, so make sure to do some research in case there is something that would be vital for your celebration that you’re missing out on. From how the food is served to what flowers are in for the next wedding season, take some tips but remember the most important one - to make this day your own.

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