DIY Wedding Decorations You Might Not Have Thought Of


Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so it’s no wonder that we get so obsessive over them! We want every part to run smoothly, everything to look great and make a good impression on guests. So unless you’re particularly crafty, you might not have considered DIY decorations. However, these all give your wedding a really special, personalized finish as you’ll have made them yourself. And as a bonus, you’ll probably save yourself a heap of cash too- but without it looking like it’s been done on a budget!

Recycled Tin Cans As Vases
If you’re looking for cute and rustic, you can’t go wrong with this idea. We all have access to empty tins, give them a rinse and remove the label. You could use them as they were, paint them or wrap them in lace or twine. Fill with freshly picked wildflowers to finish the look, the perfect solutions if you want a lot of flowers but don’t have a huge budget. If you’re not sold on the idea, glass mason jars and galvanized buckets also work well for this. Get creative, scour junk shops, eBay and dollar stores for suitable containers that you can fill and decorate to dot around your wedding.

Cacti Centerpieces
Whether you’re looking to cut costs on flowers or just want to do things differently, how about putting together a cacti centerpiece? You can buy mini cacti really cheaply on the high street or in plant nurseries, and it’s a fun and unusual addition to your wedding. If you keep them all individually potted and simply arrange them in the middle, at the end of the reception you could have one of your wedding party go around and bag/box them up to give as wedding favors! You kill two birds with one stone, and a mini cactus is a far nicer and longer lasting present than a few sugared almonds!

Polaroids on Strings
This is perfect to showcase your relationship, as well as give guests a laugh if you incorporate some photos of them too. You don’t need a Polaroid camera to get Polaroid prints, lots of companies offer this service. You just send the photos you want printing, and they come back to you in the post. You can buy mini clothes pegs cheaply from hobby shops, string up some twine against a wall and peg them all on. Instead of twine, you could even peg them up on rope lights for a really impressive finish.

Balloon Arch
The great thing about balloons is that they look effective but aren’t too expensive. It’s another way to fill and decorate your reception room without having to purchase tons of costly flowers. You could either go with white, metallic or balloons in your wedding color. You could even buy clear balloons and fill them with confetti which looks incredible! You can purchase the arch kits from places like eBay or celebration shops along with a cannister of helium and can be put together quickly on the morning of the wedding.

Real Fish Centerpieces
Another inexpensive DIY is real fish centerpieces. You can buy plastic fish bowls cheaply online, just fill the bottom with marbles or gravel in your wedding color and pop in a couple of goldfish or a single betta (since these fish are pretty but fight each other!). It’s a definite ice breaker and talking piece for your guests, and while it’s a popular idea, it’s certainly not something you see at every wedding you attend. Just make sure you have homes for the little guys after the wedding is done. Friends or family who have fish tanks at home might be willing to take a couple, or you could buy a fish tank in advance and keep them as pets for yourself afterward. Providing you’re careful, and your wedding isn’t outside or too warm, they will be perfectly fine and happy in their little centerpiece bowls. If any flower heads detached while you were putting out your flowers, you could float these on the top.

DIY Signs
Mirrors are popular as wedding signs and look effective when written on with white chalkboard pens. However unless you can find a really good deal, this can be a kind of expensive option. Instead, how about creating a wooden ‘board’ out of old palettes for a charming rustic look, and carefully writing out the sign in a paint marker pen or even white paint on a brush if you have a steady enough hand. Alternatively, you could paint a sheet of wood with blackboard paint, and then write out your signs in chalk. It costs next to nothing, especially if you have easy access to recycled wood.

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