Planning a Beach Wedding? Tips To Make Your Day Run Smoothly


If you are planning your wedding, then there are lots of things to think about. If you are planning a beach wedding, then there are quite a few specific things that you should think about. Some considerations are what you would do for any wedding. But there are some things that are specific to a beach wedding. So here are a few of them to consider when you are planning. You want to make sure that you are prepared for it, and that will help everything to help it run smoothly on the run-up to the big day.

Dress Accordingly

If you have planned a beach wedding, then the chances are that you will have planned it because of the weather. So you are going to expect some warm weather on the day. So, for example, you are planning your wedding in Hawaii, then make sure that you dress for the heat. One of the best things to do is to avoid a big, massive dress. It will be heavy and thick, and it will get dirty when trailed along the sand. It can be tricky for photographs if the train is too long. It won’t sit the same on sand as it might on flatter ground. The same goes for the groom; will he want his jacket on? Or would something like suit trousers, a shirt, and suspenders work instead?

Your Hair

If you were thinking of getting a veil, then you might want to think again. As you’ll be outside, then there is the chance of it being rather windy. You don’t want your veil to blow off or pull on your hair. So if you do want a veil, then do choose a small one. A flower crown or a single flower clipped by your ear might be a better option for a beach wedding, though. Think about the heat and if you’d want your hair to be in an up style or if leaving it down would be fine.

Ditch the Heels

Have you ever tried walking on sand in heels? It is not a good combination! Ditch the heels on your wedding day. Choose a stylish pair of sandals or flip-flops, or even consider going barefoot. At least for the part of the day that is on the beach. You do need to decide this fairly early on, though. When you dress is being fitted, they will want to know what shoes you will be wearing, so they can make the dress the right length for you.

Keep it Simple

At the wedding, you have a pretty gorgeous backdrop. So don’t overthink the decorations at the wedding. Some flowers look good, but you don’t need to go too over the top. Keep it simple when it comes to flowers. Instead, focus on the colors of the beach and use things like stones and shells for decorations.

Have you ever been to a beach wedding here or abroad? Any hints or tips that you would add?

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