Don't Forget These Important Things For Your Big Day! (hotels for guests, travel to reception)

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Weddings are fantastic, but they can also be expensive and time consuming for guests. They have to buy an outfit, gift, arrange travel costs, possibly pay for childcare and in some cases book time off work too. And while your big day is all about you and the groom, it’s well worth sparing a thought for your guests too. While most people will be more than happy to spend the money and effort attending your wedding, there are things you can do in the planning process that makes their lives that bit easier. Here are a few ways to care for your guests on your wedding day.

Provide Transport From The Wedding To The Reception
Don’t leave your guests stranded at the church! Transport to take guests from the ceremony to the reception is important. If you have guests coming from out of town, they might not know the area, and others might not have arrived by car. Arranging transport helps everything to run more smoothly and saves your guests a whole lot of hassle. You could even arrange transport to take them back to where they’re staying at the end of the evening too. While you’re not obliged to do this, the average wedding guest will have already spent a fair amount attending your wedding, and so it’s a nice touch. You could hire cars, taxis or even find a company like GOGO Charters who rents buses. This is a particularly good choice if you have a lot of wedding guests. It means everyone arrives at the reception at the same time and saves you money rather than paying for multiple cars.

Pay For Hotel Rooms For Out Of Town Guests
Do you have friends or family traveling from a different town, or even a different country to attend your wedding? You could consider booking a hotel stay for them where the reception is being held. If they have spent the time, money and effort attending then this is a nice way to thank them and make their lives that bit easier. It also means that after the reception they’re not having to spend money and more time getting taxis to a separate hotel.

Offer Them a Free Drink
A free bar all night can be incredibly expensive, and isn’t something that would realistically be in the budget for most couples. But you can show your guests a token of your appreciation by offering them their first drink at the bar on you. Alternatively, you could provide some bottles of wine or champagne on the tables, or set up a ‘cocktail station’ if your venue will allow it.

Wedding Favours
Wedding favors are a cute way to thank your guests for attending your wedding. It could be anything from a sweet treat to a mini bottle of alcohol or something entirely different like a candle or pampering beauty product. You could even personalize your favors based on age or gender to take it a step further.


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