Three Ideas For Throwing The Most Epic Bucks Party Ever


Do you find that you organise pretty much everything in your partner's life? Women are naturally more organized than men and tend to think ahead more, so it's probable that you sort most major events out. This includes your wedding. However, there is one wedding related tradition that the bride and groom tend to keep their distances from - the buck and hen parties. Throughout history, these parties have typically been viewed as the couple's 'last night of freedom'. Although, this trend is dying out now. Debauchery is out and fun activities spread over a set of days is especially popular for buck parties. If your man and his groomsmen are struggling to think of what to do, read on for a great buck parties idea.

The weekend away

Contrary to tradition, most buck parties now take place over a few days rather than just one evening. This makes sense when taking your actual wedding day into account - the days of grooms turning up to their big day hungover and sleep deprived are now largely behind us. Instead, the groom and groomsmen may want some kind of mini holiday or weekend break where they can relax in the sun and spend some time together. Friendships can be difficult to maintain when you have jobs, wives and families, even if the groomsmen have been friends for years. Encourage your partner to plan the weekend away far in advance, so that people can book it off work if they need to.

The activity  

High-octane, adrenaline fuelled activities are now hugely popular for buck parties. A classic example is paintballing, where the party is split into teams and are thrown into a combat situation with paint guns. If your man is a video game addict, this kind of activity could be perfect for his bachelor party. Dirt bike riding is also popular for buck groups, as it gives them the chance to tune into their boyish need for speed. Consider contacting a company who can provide such activities as they may have many different ones to choose from, plus recommendations on where to go after the activity is finished. If the group don't want something quite so energetic, there are plenty of stunning golf resorts who will happily cater for buck parties.


The night out

No buck party is complete without a night out on the town. A typical, traditional buck party would involve lots of alcohol consumption followed by a visit to either a club or a strip bar. Most of the time this is just innocent, boyish fun - but if you have an issue with your fiance attending a strip club, discuss it with him first. He may be able to reassure you or you may be able to deter him from it if it really bothers you. If that isn't your groom's thing at all, there are plenty of other bars and clubs that will happily host buck parties. Services on offer include limo pick-up, a discounted meal and drinks deals, providing it is booked in advance.


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