New Twists On the Wedding Details

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The traditional white wedding is one of those things that never go out of style. But it’s good to know that white shoes or cake with figurines on top aren’t the only options out there. Just like any fashion-related event, the weddings, too, are influenced by seasonal trends. A dress, a cake, flowers, invitations, etc. – the base is usually the same. But some weds-to-be decide to take it a step further.
If a traditional wedding seems too impersonal for your style, you can always change the details and make a trendy twist that will suit your personality better. That’s why we bring you some of this season’s hottest trends for wedding details.

The cake

When it comes to cake, you can always go to the baker’s and choose one from the catalogue. But your wedding cake is a symbol of a long-lasting, rich and happy marriage and it’s believed to bring luck to everyone who eats it so you’ll want to make it a bit more personal. It’s interesting that cake design trends somehow follow dress designs, thus, this season’s cakes have ruffles, lace, and textural roses.
If you don’t want to match your or your guests’ dresses to the cake, go for the so-called naked cake – a cake without frosting, or the monogrammed cake.

The food

Wedding planners claim you should think past the usual food truck standbys and try something new. For instance, you can base your wedding menu on local offerings. It’s a green approach to cooking since all of the ingredients are from local markets and farms and didn’t have to travel across the world to be on your table. Everything seems to be eco-friendly lately, so why would your wedding be an exception?

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Another trend is the roaring ‘20s inspired weddings and this can be seen on dinner plates, too. Champagne towers, seafood bars, ice carvings – you name it. You can pick another era if you like – think ‘60s Mad Men style, for example.

The shoes

Once upon a time, bride’s shoes had to be an ivory court with a sensible heel. Nowadays, you’re not that limited. Now those brides who dare to be different and trendy can find a wonderful range of designer shoes. If you’re tall or simply not a fan of heels, opt for bridal flats.
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Ballerina shoes or even strappy sandals – it’s up to you. You can keep your feet warm even if you have a late autumn wedding with wedding booties made of lace or suede. Traditional pumps with embellished heels or simple pumps in metallic or blush tones – the options are endless.

The invitations

Wedding invitations are a very important detail for every future bride and groom. It’s the first thing your potential guests see and serves as a little teaser for the whole ceremony. That’s why it’s essential to match the style of wedding invitations to the whole vibe of your biggest life event.

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As in cake design trend, monograms and geometric shapes are a big hit lately. Custom monograms bring the images of a glamorous royal wedding to mind and put weds-to-be in the first plan. Gold or silver foil and the whole metallic trend is going strong this season, and wedding invitations are no exception. For a romantic vibe, try calligraphy or watercolour wedding papers.
It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. But knowing exactly what you want helps a lot. Familiarize with current trends and pick the one that matches your personality and lifestyle. And remember - it’s the biggest day of your life so there’s no need to make compromises. Pick whatever you like and go for it.

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