Relive The Magic Of Your Wedding Day With A Stunning First Anniversary Celebration

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Our lives are often celebrated as a series of milestones. Sweet sixteen, coming of age, graduating, getting engaged, etc. Once you’re married, that slows down a little. There’s still the birth of your children if you make that choice, but nothing tends to be as grand as your wedding day. If you think about it, most fairytales end with ‘And they all lived happily ever after.’ We never really go beyond the wedding. But there are lots of romantic ways to keep the magic of your wedding day alive. Especially if you’re approaching your first anniversary.

Wedding Cake

Many people freeze some of their wedding cake to serve at the christening of their first child. But did you know that eating a slice on your first anniversary is an omen for good luck? Some couples preserve the top tier of the cake for this purpose. They can then relive one of the most beautiful moments of their lives as they celebrate a year of being married.

If you forgot to preserve part of your cake, or it wasn’t possible at the time, there is still a way around this. Contact the bakery and ask whether a smaller version could be made in time for your celebration. It’s not quite the same, but it’s still a romantic tribute.

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A Lock Of Hair

Hundreds of years ago when couples fell in love, they would gift each other a lock of hair as a memento. This could be tied with a ribbon or twisted in some ornate way to keep it together. The hair could be worn or carried as a token of love.

Nowadays, we don’t tend to follow this tradition. But there are modern takes on this. For example, the hair of your loved one could be converted into a diamond. These so-called hair diamonds are created in a laboratory. They are real certified diamonds and have the same chemical composition as natural diamonds. Once the diamond is formed, it could be added to a piece of jewelry and worn as a symbol of your love. Your first anniversary is the ideal opportunity to cement your relationship in this way.

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Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is a beautiful but often fleeting part of your wedding celebrations. For that reason, many brides choose to preserve their wedding flowers. The easiest way to do this is to press and dry the flowers. They can then be made into a floral picture and displayed on the first anniversary. This brings a little part of the wedding day, right into your celebrations.

Messages From The Day

Rather than a traditional guestbook, many couples look for modern or quirky ways to collect messages from their guests. For example, you can provide your guests with cards and ask them to fill them in. You could request that they answer certain questions, such as how did you first meet the couple? Or you could allow them to write a piece of advice for a happy marriage. The cards can then be collected and stored in a jar or bottle for one year. The couple can then relive the kindness and warmth from the day by reading the messages on their anniversary.

There are many ways you can celebrate your life together. You don’t need to wait for milestones. But reliving that romance and magic from your wedding day can be a lovely way to celebrate your first year together.

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