Key Details Couples Always Forget For Their Wedding

Planning your wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite stressful. You might find yourself wondering if you’re getting anywhere with the planning at all. It can be quite tempting, at times like this, to skip certain planning steps completely. By doing this, you’ll certainly be reducing what you need to do for your wedding. On the other hand, though, it might mean that you miss key details. These things may not seem important during the planning stages, but you’ll certainly notice them on the big day.

Booking Transportation

You would be amazed by how many couples forget to book transportation for the big day. That’s why you often, awkwardly, see brides arrive in a taxi. Or, being chauffeured in their own car. If you own a Landrover Sport or a gorgeous Jag, this is still going to be quite impressive. But if your car in question is something along a Nissan Micra, that’s probably not going to give you the image you want. You should book transportation as soon as you have a date for the wedding. The best cars, coaches and carriages get booked up quickly.

Making The Reception Fun

Your wedding ceremony is always going to be stunning because that’s the part couples are the most interested in. They don’t care that much about the reception. They probably aren’t going to be there that long before they leave for the honeymoon. Due to this, most receptions are not what we would call fun. There might be dancing and an open bar, but that’s about it.

You should spend a little more time thinking about your wedding reception during the planning stages. There are lots of ways to make it a real treat for your guests. Did you know the photo booths for hire Melbourne Memories and other companies offer come with cool props? Your guests will be able to take fun photos that you will enjoy looking at as much as they enjoy taking them.

Writing The Vows

Good for you if you have decided to write your own vows. It’s a wonderful idea and a chance to show just how much you mean to one another. Unfortunately, usually, writing the vows is put off until the very last minute. If you both fail to write your vows, you can just sheepishly choose to avoid this idea altogether. It does get a little awkward if one of your writes an epic poem and other has nothing though. That can send the wrong message, and that’s why you should write your vows early in the planning stages. Then, you will definetly have something to say at the altar.

Sorting The Menu

Guests only expect a few things from weddings. Dancing, drinks and of course, food. So, don’t forget to hire a caterer and plan a wonderful wedding menu. Make sure that you have planned for different diet requirements. Remember, there is now a frighteningly high percentage of western society who believe the gluten myth. If you don’t have a gluten-free option, you might have quite a few unhappy guests.

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