Easy Ways To Organise A Honeymoon That's Just A Bit Different

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We all like to make sure that our weddings are perfectly fitted to our dreams. From the dress to the perfect venue and the food at the reception. A lot of us like to go the traditional route when we’re planning our wedding. However, not all of us have the same idea as to what makes a honeymoon great. Some of us don’t want to spend our time lying around at a beach resort. If you want something a little different, perhaps the following ideas can help.

Hit the road
For one, you don’t have to get a flight or a boat anywhere at all. If you want a honeymoon that’s a completely unique experience, you can take it yourself. Organize a road trip, including some of the locations on your route that you have both always wanted to see. Getting set up in an RV can be the perfect way to take the comfort of a warm bed and home cooked food with you, too. Get behind the wheel and set off for an adventure. While you want to make sure you hit up some excellent destinations, make time for intimacy as well. Don’t spend all day driving so you’re too tired to spend time together in the evening as well.

See something brand new together
A lot of us have already been on the kind of vacation that most people make their honeymoon. We’ve already seen the beach and spent days lounging under the sun. Instead, why not think of going completely off the usual plan and seeing something brand new together? You might want to have a camping experience in some island on a lake in the tranquility of nature. You may want to see something jaw dropping, like the northern lights. We tend to put quite a bit of money aside for our honeymoon. Why don’t you compare bucket lists and find the location you have both always wanted to see? Take the opportunity to be a bit more adventurous with it all.

Relaxing somewhere different
Of course, some of us do just want that relaxing pampering experience. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it somewhere with sun, sea and sand. If that’s not your style, there are different resort spots that can be just as invigorating and gorgeous. For one, you could head up a mountain to a ski resort. Then you get to mix all that indulgent treatment with some thrilling mountainside sports as well. Or maybe you just want to pamper one another without anyone around. There are plenty of log cabins you could rent if you want a staycation, in a bubble from the rest of the world. So long as you have lots of time together, that’s the one must-have.

I hope that the points above have helped you come up with a honeymoon you want for yourself. Whether it’s exploring together on a road trip or seeing something totally unique. Just go to somewhere different than usual. Make your honeymoon your own.

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