How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring!

wedding ring with engagement ring (set)

Deciding you want to propose to your partner can be the easy part. Finding the right ring, picking the perfect place to propose, and getting permission from her dad can be the hard parts! Here is some top advice for choosing the perfect engagement ring for your lovely lady.  

Talk to their family

After asking her dad for permission, you need to speak with them both about the engagement ring. They may have an old ring from a grandmother or even a great-grandparent that they may want you to use to propose. They can also give you tips for how she might like to be proposed to, and what kind of ring you should get. It’s a great way of involving them in the engagement and wedding process. But remember, you are the one buying the ring so although you should take the advice on board, it’s down to you to choose the ring.

Go with a friend

Picking an engagement ring is hard, so you may need some help choosing which one to get her. You should confide in a friend you are going to propose to your special lady, and then get them to go with you to help you choose the perfect engagement ring. Having a second opinion can often stop you from making the wrong decision. A friend’s advice is good, but it’s still down to you to make the final decision.

Look on many sites

If you want to pick the perfect engagement ring, you should look on many sites and go to many stores so that you see a broad range of choices. You don’t want to make a quick decision, then go to a different store and see a better ring. If you want to find out more about a brand, you can look online where you can see reviews such as a ritani review from the Diamond Guru. That way, you know if the ring is worth buying as an engagement ring.

Check her ring size

Another way to choose the perfect engagement ring is to check her size before you go and get one. It can be hard to know what size she is, so either ask her subtly or ask a friend or family member if they know what size she is. It can spoil the romantic gesture if your new bride-to-be can’t even wear the ring, and it has to go back to the store to be changed. She will want to show it off to everyone, so it can be disappointing if she can’t wear it for a week or two.

Let her go with you

To help ensure it's the perfect ring, why not let her choose her own engagement ring. Propose to her first and then tell her you are going to pick a ring together. It ensures she will choose one she loves, rather than you picking one that she doesn’t actually like. After all, she has to wear it for the rest of her life, so it should be something to her taste.

Once you have proposed, remember to throw an engagement bash to celebrate your good news.

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