3 Things Past Brides Would Change About Their Wedding

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Women who have already been brides and are now Mrs instead have a lot to tell. They can advise on the most effective way of getting that drunk Uncle off the dancefloor. They can tell you how they got that mark off the bottom of their dress before the photographs. They’ve lived the day themselves, and in doing so will have learned lots of lessons! However, brides naturally hope they will never get a do-over. Instead, they can just pass these lessons along to future brides.
Regrets and weddings are two words you never want to see in a sentence together! However, there are some recurring things that many brides wish they had done differently. Or, if they could go back in time, they would change. Here are a few of them that you might want to look out for yourself.


Uncomfortable shoes
Somewhere in between choosing your wedding dress and going for your first fitting, you will need to find your shoes. Things like your dress length and the venue decor can influence the kind that you want to buy. It is a natural reaction for a bride to want the most beautiful shoes out there, be they designer or vintage. But it is also so important that these shoes are comfortable. If they’re not, the best case scenario is that you have to take them off halfway through and don’t get to wear them anyway. The worst scenario is that you keep them on and end up hobbling and moaning all day. You don’t want to be doing any of these things on one of the biggest days of your life! Prioritise comfort alongside beauty. Use heel grips and soft leather insoles to make them even better!

Unphotogenic dress
Aside from the free champagne and excited service, there are more benefits to looking at Wedding Dresses in boutiques. Your advisor can talk to you about the best colour of dress for your skin tone. After all, there is more than just Ivory white to pick from! The wrong shade might not look great next to your skin tone. Some brides will want a cooler tone; others will want a warmer one. The last thing you want is to see your wedding photographs a few weeks later and exclaim ‘that is what my dress looked like on me?!’


Bad music
For a wedding rejection, a band or a DJ often seems like the most sensible way to go. However, once they are hired and in place, you lose control. Some brides report giving their DJ a specific list of songs to play, and him playing a different set-list entirely! When halfway through the evening she asked why he said he hadn’t downloaded and purchased her songs. Now, in many other scenarios, you could replace this DJ. However, halfway through the evening and at your wedding, this just isn’t possible. So, learn from this lesson. Ensure you trust your DJ or band 100%. A couple of weeks before, ask them to send you a copy of their playlist. Alternatively, hire some speakers and do your own music!

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