Unique Venues for an Elegant Garden Wedding

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Your wedding day is probably going to be the happiest and the most exciting day of your life. Sadly, it can also be the most stressful one if you don’t prepare in advance and if you overlook some (seemingly) minor things. In order to avoid the stress, sweat, and tears; think about everything much before the date arrives. One of the most important things to consider is choosing the right venue, since it will set course of many other things considering organization as well.

Small and Simple

For really simple weddings with only a few people, you can do organize everything even in your own backyard. Simply set up tables and benches, light candles, and bring out food – voila; you have the beauty of a garden and comfort of your own home. Arrange the catering and drinks to be brought, and take care of decorations yourself (with some help of course).

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Use patterned pillows, bring out your old family photos, make bright tissue pom-poms, and add a touch of your own to make your wedding truly memorable and a real reflection of who you are.

Far Away

Exotic destinations for a wedding are becoming increasingly popular each year. This means that you will be travelling to a far away, secluded beach to get married with your beloved, and enjoy the beautiful sunset on a foreign shore. Sadly, this can mean that you will have to get permits and whatnot, and it complicates the matter.

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Another thing you can look into are luxurious wedding venues that hotels and restaurants offer, so you can have the most beautiful garden, and breathtaking service all in one. Luxurious and stress-free, who wouldn’t want that?

Public Parks

If you are big on nature and would like to get married outside in breathtakingly beautiful scenery, do your research and step out of the box. Public parks will look amazing on your wedding photos, and all you need to do to get married there is usually only applying for a permit ahead of time. The downside of this is often not being able to bring in all the equipment you need, but for that you can contact nearby restaurants and hotels and get the view of the spot you fell in love with.

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You can do the wedding ceremony in a public park and discuss with authorities the best place to have the reception. Keep in mind that this choice is best for casual and intimate weddings, so bringing in dozens of guests will simply kill the atmosphere.

Let the Green In

If you are looking for a winter or a fall wedding and expect heavy rain or low temperatures around the time of your wedding, you can make indoor wedding look like you’re getting married in a garden. Having your own secret garden indoors is a beautifully innovative idea that will save you the trouble of thinking about the evening chilly air and downpours.

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Heavy greenery, big flower centrepieces, and the ceiling decorated in such way that it resembles the night sky will give the impression of a secluded garden and vast space in any room.

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Remember to consider everything: the time of the year, the day, the amount of money you are willing to set aside for the venue, and the number of people that will be attending the ceremony. It is not easy being authentic and original, and showing to the world who you really are by choosing the right venue and organizing a beautiful wedding, but if you really set your mind to it, it can be achieved.

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