Is It Possible To Have An Environmentally Friendly Wedding?

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Many weddings take place each year. The average cost of a wedding continues to climb. Brides are concerned about where they should be allocating their wedding budget. But there is also the environmental impact to worry about. You’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on a one-day event. You want to know that it is money well spent without causing harm to the world around us.

One of the biggest factors to be concerned about is the harm to the environment from travel. Guests can travel thousands of miles to your wedding venue and back. Then there is the cost of importing the decorations, the food, and even the dress. You can cut back on this harm to the environment by keeping things local. You can demand locally sourced produce for the menu. A wedding event in your local area can save a lot of travel too.

Even your wedding rings can be sourced responsibly. Recycled gold from Omi Gold is one way to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. The gold rings are produced in the US. You can also choose a local designer for your wedding dress. Some brides like to wear their Mother’s dress to save money and follow a family tradition. Jewelry, shoes, headwear, and other accessories could all be borrowed if you’re looking for a cheaper wedding.

It is well known that throwing rice at a wedding can be harmful to the environment. It can also be harmful to local wildlife. Some paper or plastic confetti are also harmful as they don’t degrade. Natural petals or biodegradable confetti is your best option for an environmentally friendly wedding. Chinese style lanterns are thought to be very romantic, but they too can be harmful.

You could choose to arrive at the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage to ensure no toxic emissions are released. Perhaps you could ask your guests to travel on a bus together to reduce the number of cars being driven. If you’re having your wedding at home, chances are the catering and waiting staff will be brought to your house by bus. This could be one of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.

While cupcakes may be the most popular way to do a wedding cake these days, it requires more paper cake holders than having a standard wedding cake. You may opt for a vegetarian wedding menu to reduce your impact on the environment too. These small alterations to your wedding plan can help make your wedding more environmentally friendly. Ditch the balloons for recycled paper decorations that could then be recycled again into something else.

Try to avoid paper or plastic plates and cups at your wedding. Reducing waste from a wedding isn’t always an easy thing to do. Try to recycle your cards, envelopes and gift wrapping. If you register for gifts, you could choose to have donations to worthy causes. Instead of real French Champagne, you could opt for locally produced sparkling wines. There are lots of little ways to have a more responsible wedding.

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