Don't Forget About Your Wedding Reception!

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Often it seems that couples are so focused on the wedding ceremony that the wedding reception becomes somewhat of an afterthought. It’s understandable because for the couple the ceremony is the most important part. The wedding reception is more for the guests. You’ve brought them to see your vows so you should entertain them. In most cases the couple will leave for the honeymoon early into the reception. While the guests will stay until the early morning. But if you want your guests to love your wedding nearly as much as you do you need to spend some time planning the reception. Here are some of the boxes you’ve got to tick off.

Let There Be Music

If you don’t have great music at your wedding, then it’s not going to be a hit with your guests. This typically means hiring a great DJ or a band. You can check out the reviews of both online. Or, if you want to save some money just set up a system so that guests can choose music themselves. These days, everyone has got at least a few songs on their phone. All you need is a laptop with an Aux connector. You can buy one on a site like www.halfords.com. Then everyone can help choose the playlist of the night. Depending on your guests you probably will get quite a wide variety, but it’ll help keep everyone entertained.

Food And Drink

If you want to keep your guests happy at your wedding we’ve got two words: open bar. We’re kidding! Sort of...but the truth is that an open bar often is a good idea. If only for the fun memories it will leave with some of your more jolly drunken guests. At the same time, you do need to provide a wide range of food, catered for them. Specifically, you should make sure there’s menus for different eating preferences. For instance, an absolute must these days is an option for vegetarians. The best way to handle this is with a buffet. That way, everyone can choose what they want and don’t want throughout the night.

Fun And Games

The next thing you need to consider is a little more entertainment. Music is all well and good but it’s only going to keep people happy for so long. Particularly, if you have young children as guests at your wedding. We suppose one way to handle this is to impose a no kids policy. But there is a different route that you could take. You could include games suitable for people of all ages in the planning stage of your wedding reception. For instance, check out a site like www.letsplaycornhole.com. There you can buy wedding themed cornhole boards. Or, you could buy novelty items for guests. For instance giant bubble blowers have been popular lately.

The Speeches

A last fun tip is to be careful of the speeches. More specifically, how long they go on for. The last thing people want is to have to listen to a speech that lasts nearly an hour. Particularly if it’s been poorly written.

Take this advice and your wedding reception is sure to go down a hit.

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