After the Dress: Finishing Your Wedding Outfit

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You've finally found The Dress. After trying on lots of gowns and never getting the perfect one, you now have the dress you want for your wedding. But there's more to your wedding outfit than just the dress. Of course, it's the main event, but you can't just wear the dress on its own. At the very least, you're going to need some underwear and, unless it's a relaxed wedding on the beach, some shoes. Start the process of putting together the rest of your outfit by making sure you take care of all the things below.


After picking the dress, the first thing you will probably want to get is shoes. Finding a pair that goes well with your dress can be a challenge. Even if no one will see them much, it still feels like you should have a matching pair. If you're particularly relaxed, you can always hide some comfortable sneakers underneath your skirt. When you choose shoes, considering height is important. You need to be comfortable and confident, and the hem of your dress needs to fall at the right place.


A lot of brides like to keep their jewelry simple on their wedding day. They would rather their dress do the talking, so there's no need for anything fancy. You might want a delicate necklace with a small pendant on it. Or perhaps you will forgo a necklace and choose earrings or a bracelet instead. Remember that the main piece of jewelry that will get attention is your new wedding ring. Don't go overboard and choose too many other pieces on top of that.

Hair and Makeup

It can be hard to find a hairstyle and a makeup look that you like. It's not as easy to try them out as it is with clothes and accessories. When you're deciding on wedding makeup, it can help to get some free trials at makeup counters. You can try some different looks and products to work out what you like best. Remember that with both hair and makeup, you can explore your options through photos and trends.


Apart from your jewelry and shoes, there are some other accessories you might want to consider. Choosing some sexy lingerie is high up on many brides' lists, as well as many grooms' ones too. You might also want a bag, at least for the reception if not for walking down the aisle. Other accessories could include hair pieces, gloves, or even a hat.

Keeping Warm

If your wedding is during a colder season, your dress might not be the warmest thing to wear. You might want to consider having a layer to wear over it to keep you warm. It could be a coat or jacket, bolero or a smart cardigan. Look for something that is formal enough and works with your dress.

Once you have found your dress, putting together the rest of your outfit can seem easy. Just keep your dress in mind when you're making other choices.
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