4 Ways You Can Let Your Family Help Out With Your Wedding

You’ll already have prepped your best man and bridesmaid. And told them all the ways in which they can help you and your partner during the organization of your wedding day. No doubt the father-of-the-bride will also be excited about his key role in the ceremony when he walks his daughter down the aisle! But what about the mother-of-the-bride? While there are no traditional roles for the bride’s mother, she will certainly appreciate it if you ask her for her help in planning your big day. And what about the groom’s mother? If you want a very personal occasion, why not ask your close relatives to help you with these tasks!

Compile The Guestlist

You might need your mother’s and your partner’s mother help with compiling your guest list. They will be able to remind you of some long-distant relatives who you might forget to invite! Mothers are usually extremely organized, so they could already have everyone’s address. Ask them for her opinion when it comes to the seating plan for the reception as well. They will be able to tell you if certain family members aren’t speaking to one another. It's a good idea to seat them apart!

Organize Flowers

You will have the final decision when it comes to your wedding flowers and bouquets. But it could be a good idea to ask your parents and in-laws for their opinion. Especially if they are keen gardeners! If you let them know your ideas for your wedding theme, then they will be able to help you think of suitable shades and colors of your flowers. They could even save you the job of contacting a florist and call them themselves. Companies like Enchanted Florist will be happy to speak with any member of your family.

Page Boys And Flower Girls

If you have any young cousins, nieces, or nephews, include them in the ceremony by assigning them the roles of page boys and flower girls. They will love walking up the aisle with you and feel very important now that they have a special role to play in the day. Not only will they enjoy it, but they will look extremely cute in their little suits and dresses. They’ll be an adorable addition to any wedding photos!


If you have an aspiring photographer in the family, ask them if they would like to take your wedding photos for you. It could help them develop their photography portfolio. If you don’t know a photographer, you can get all of your guests involved with taking pictures! All you have to do is buy a load of disposable cameras and place a few on each table at the reception. Your guests can then get busy snapping away! This will give a unique perspective of your wedding, and you can see your big day through the eyes of your close ones.

So for a uniquely family oriented wedding ceremony, get your family involved! They will love having important parts to play in the happiest day of your life!

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