You Can Ruin Your Wedding if You Skimp On These Three Things

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When you’re planning your wedding and heading up the aisle to say “I do,” it can be easy to get carried away. Even the smartest of brides can easily manage to blow a carefully planned budget.It’s not unusual to have to try and scrape together extra funds after forgetting to take care of some the minor details. They’re usually the ones that turn out to be pretty crucial. That’s why it plans to make lots of lists! It also makes sense to take notice of the lists you make and not leave them lying about in your bag somewhere. But we’re all human, and sometimes that just happens. Organising a wedding is not exactly a piece of cake. It takes immense organisational skills and military precision. That’s why wedding planners do such a lucrative trade, but for many people that just isn’t within their reach. Weddings are a costly business!

There are many ways you can save money when you are planning your big day. But there also some things you should NEVER try to skimp on. Sometimes just saving a few pennies isn’t worth the hassle and can make you look cheap. Attempting to save money of the fundamentals of your day may often cost you more in the long run. It could even ruin your enjoyment and your memories of your wedding day. The day you get married is meant to be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

The Photographs

Your Uncle Geoff may be a whizz with his camera. Your friends may be the masters on Instagram. But don’t entrust making visual memories of your day to amateur photographers.  Sure, they may produce some great shots. Anyone can do that with the wealth of free apps available on the internet. Turning even the sketchiest of shots into a sublime snap is not hard. But really, is that good enough for one of the most important days of your entire life? No. it deserves the professional treatment. Quality outfits like Lesley Meredith Wedding Photographers can help capture the mood of your day in an exquisite fashion.

The Music

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In all seriousness, think one through carefully. The music you choose can have a significant impact on your guests enjoyment of your big day. Your cousin's neighbour might be a darling boy but his caterwauling covers bands aren’t going to get a crowd going on the dancefloor. If you’re on a budget, a carefully chosen playlist on an ipod will beat a substandard covers band, every time. If your guests have to keep their hands covering their ears all night, your wedding will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. If you’re looking for live music, Top UK Wedding Bands is a great starting point.

The Food
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If your catering leaves a lot to be desired, it’s bound to leave a bad taste in the mouths of your friends and family on your special day. No one’s saying you have to have fillet steak or the finest hors d'oeuvres. Simple food done well is a milion times better than fancy food done badly. Have a tasting day with your caterers to sample the food you’ll be eating on your big day. It might look great in pictures, but will it taste that way? Have a read of the Bride’s Wedding Catering Guide for a more detailed overview.

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