Unique Wedding? Six US Locations To Match Your Personality

Most brides strive for a unique wedding. They want their day to be the most memorable, the one that is talked about amongst friends for years to come. It’s so difficult these days to get a real unique wedding. However, you could choose a location that would suit your personality as a couple. That way you already start your wedding off on a good note, as the location will provide an excellent talking point.

The country music loving couple.

If you love your country music and want to incorporate it into your wedding then why not pick a location in Tennessee that oozes the country music vibe. Nashville is a real slick city with an abundance of musical locations to inspire you for your big day. It’s close enough for transport links by plane or road. It could be the perfect choice for your day.

The savvy couple.

If you are looking for a savvy wedding with a great buzz then why not consider one of the most up and coming cities in Texas. Dallas is fast becoming a location of choice for many couples to vacation, so why not make it extra special by having a wedding there? It has great transport links. But also, you could think of taking the stress out of that for you and your guests. You could book a charter bus or coach service from shofur.com/charter-bus/texas/dallas. There are many hotels and picturesque locations to choose from for your big day; it will definitely be a talking point for your guests.


The fun-loving couple

If you are a child at heart and love a bit of fun then why not consider Florida and Orlando as a location for your wedding. With all the themes parks, water adventures and Disney World you and your guests will be spoilt for choice. You could go one step further and consider having your wedding at Disney itself. Now that would be a wedding to remember.

For the lucky couple

If you are the kind of couple that like to test their luck out on a bit of gambling then why not consider Las Vegas. There are so many wonderful locations to marry in and plenty to do that you will be able to make a whole vacation out of it. There is the Little White Chapel or one of the beautiful hotel complexes. Getting there is super easy so many guests will be happy to attend and have some fun on the slot machines with you.


For the mysterious couple.

If you and your partner like a sense of mystery and wonder then why not head to San Francisco for your wedding. There is the Alcatraz prison to ignite your imagination and many museums and art galleries to get lost in. Your guests will appreciate all the fun that can be had in this wonderful city.

For the adventurous couple.

Finally, the last location to consider would be Alaska. It is commonly mistaken for being part of Canada. Alaska can offer you and your guests a little bit of adventure for your big day. A memorable day for years to come.

I hope these locations will have inspired you to think of a unique location for your wedding. Have fun!

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