Tips To Help You Plan A Successful Interfaith Wedding

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Planning an interfaith wedding can be challenging but not entirely impossible. As you and your partner follow different beliefs, planning your wedding needs to be done carefully and respectfully. Otherwise, you may run the risk of offending and upsetting those closest to you. Arguments may also break out between you and your partner which is something you naturally want to avoid. This should be a joyous and exciting period in both of your lives which should not be spoilt unnecessarily. So to make your interfaith wedding a success and to avoid any disagreements and upset, use these tips to help you.

Learn about each other’s religions

A useful thing you can both do is to learn as much about each other’s religions as you possibly can. This will give you both knowledge and understanding about each religious beliefs and traditions. It will also make it easier to determine how you can include both faiths and customs in equal measure. This research will also let you see how other interfaith couples have included their beliefs and traditions into their big days. They might done something small such as using an interfaith ketubah instead of an orthodox one. Or maybe they held two different wedding ceremonies for each religious belief. You can gain all of this information through religious classes, books and interfaith wedding websites.

Be patient with family and friends

Sometimes your family and friends may be upset or angry about your decision to marry someone of a differing faith. It’s best to remain calm and be patient instead of getting defensive and upset. Be open and honest about how you feel towards your partner but also listen to their concerns and views. They may be shocked or confused about why you have chosen this path and may even lash out at you. But it you remain patient, give them time and answer their questions, their opinions may change. Encourage your partner to do the same with their family to make sure everyone is one the same page. If either family feel strongly against your union in marriage, it may be beneficial to talk to a counsellor for additional support.

Find the perfect officiant

As you’re planning an interfaith wedding, some officiants may not want to perform your ceremony. But thankfully more and more officiants are willing to perform interfaith ceremonies. The perfect officiant for you as a couple, will believe in your union, encourage both religions be present and make you feel comfortable. They should also be able to advise you on ways you can personalize your ceremony. This could include readings from sacred texts and wedding rituals from both religions. This will keep everybody happy and make your wedding ceremony far more unique as a result

The key to planning an interfaith wedding is putting your own happiness first. You won’t be able to please everybody, and that’s ok. If you love your partner and feel this is the right step to take, then your wedding will be a success no matter what.

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