The Most Commonly Overlooked Wedding Details

Weddings are necessarily a demanding affair. Even a small scale celebration requires careful planning and attention to detail. All styles and sizes of wedding celebrations have advantages and disadvantages. A more modest wedding may be affordable, for example, but the guest list will have to be ruthless and finer details will matter more. A large-scale wedding may allow for more ambition and flamboyance. But there are arguably more areas that could become disorganised. But it’s important to stay positive. Whether big and extravagant or small and simple, there are several ways you can ensure that you are confident and well prepared. The traditional details are relatively easy to remember and take care of. The is also a plethora of advice available both online and in print that should be taken advantage of. But in the hustle, bustle, and excitement, there are a number of areas that are easy to overlook.

Catering Captures The Tone

It will occur to most couples that they require catering for their event. Many weddings last long into the night even if they begin in the morning, and the guests will need sustenance! But what is often overlooked is that the catering style and choices should reflect the overall aesthetic of the wedding. If you are a laidback, contemporary couple then why not consider a barbecue or informal buffet option? More formal, opulent affairs might prefer a sumptuous dinner with many courses. Even further than this is how the food will be presented. The tables (if used) should be dressed to reflect the style and atmosphere desired. A Summery, family-friendly wedding might benefit from flower garlands and lots of nibbles. A formal gathering might prefer elegant wine glasses and cotton table napkins. Decide on the details well in advance and you will have a wedding that reflects your values and personality.

The Season

The season of the year you pick for your wedding is crucial. The weather may determine how your celebrations should be structured, for example. You will need to decide on outdoor marquees and entertainment, or a cosy celebration indoors. The season will also affect how likely you are to be able to book venues and professionals on your chosen dates. Spring and Summer can be very competitive for popular wedding venues, and they may be pricier too. Visualise your wedding and consider what you would enjoy working with. A Winter wedding may be unconventional but can be intimate and cosy. It might also mean that you and your partner can celebrate Christmas together as a married couple! Summer weddings might be more likely for all your guests to be available and make outdoor activities much more achievable.

Thanking Your Guests Afterwards

Even though a wedding is a joyous celebration, many couples can be exhausted afterwards! Months and maybe even years of planning can have culminated in an intensely emotional few days. A sense of accomplishment and a desire to relax with your new partner is entirely understandable. However, don’t forget to thank your guests for their attendance and gifts. It is likely that they will have made a huge difference to the atmosphere and happiness of the day overall. These are the people who matter most in your life. Don’t let exhaustion prevent you from remembering to thank them sincerely.

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