Honeymoon Checklist: Key Pieces to Spice up Your Perfect Vacation

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With somewhat stressful preparations for the wedding and busy schedules, many brides seem to forget about organizing the essentials for a honeymoon thus creating the opportunity to some unfortunate forgetful moments and hasty decisions. Therefore, use some free time before the wedding to plan and pack all the honeymoon essentials as a relaxing task and a break from getting ready for the wedding.

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Clothing Bits and Pieces

Clothing as well as underwear are essential part of a perfect honeymoon. Therefore, have fun with deciding what garments you are going to bring with you. Anticipate different situations and make sure that you consider your clothing choice for the trip to and back in order to ensure your maximum comfort. The most interesting part is the clothing for honeymoon itself, of course.

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Especially pay attention to the outfits you are going to wear on your first and last night because these are bound to be the most memorable times of the whole honeymoon. Also, you must not forget about some special sexy underwear that will spice up the romantic feeling even more.

Beauty and Health Products

Do not forget about your beauty routine and bring your skin care with you. You probably already have some staples in your beauty regime so get some travel size products of those or small containers where you can transfer your products safely. A nice perfume can make a big difference so make sure that you know what scent is especially attractive to your future husband.
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Moreover, bringing some vitamins, painkillers, probiotics and contraceptives with you is smart thinking if you do not want jet leg, climate change and unexpected intimate moments to worry you on your dream trip.

Important Details

Think about possibilities to make any situation, such as lying on the beach, more interesting and add anything that comes to mind to your travel bag. For example, prepare some romantic music that both you and your husband will enjoy and store it safely on your iPod. Do not forget to bring the charger and compact speakers so that you can enjoy the tunes wherever you are.

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What’s more, bring some interesting reading material. This does not mean that you have to carry heavy books with you, but magazines on subjects that are fun for you and your husband will serve you great when you are relaxing outside or travelling.

You can also bring some small scented candles with you that will boost the romantic mood at any place, be it your hotel room or night at the beach.

Embody the Honeymoon Style

Honeymoon is not something that happens all the time and therefore it is important to make the most out of it. The easiest thing to do this is to start from yourself. You are definitely going to have some serious skin preparation before the wedding but if you are not leaving on a trip immediately after the ceremony do not neglect your pampering in the days before the honeymoon.

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Furthermore, stay stylish all the time – even if you want to feel comfortable in the plane that does not mean that you cannot look fashionable. So dress to impress with some trendy leather goods such as a nice quality bag to keep all your flight necessities at hand and add a final touch to your overall look. Your husband will also appreciate the effort you put into your appearance from the very start of your honeymoon heaven.

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Planning and packing for the honeymoon will not take a lot of your time but it will definitely take your mind off some tedious last-minute wedding preparations while providing you with the perfect recipe to spice up this love-inspired vacation.

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