Useful Roles for the Mother of the Bride to Play

Francisco Osorio

Today's brides can be much more independent than they used to be. Couples often pay for their own weddings now. And the bride doesn't necessarily want mum being too involved. Having said that, most brides will be happy to have their mother's input. If you're close to your daughter (or getting married and close to your mum), there are lots of ways the mother of the bride can help. She can take up one or more of several roles that will help with the planning and the big day. Here are some of the things the bride's mother can do.

Shopping Buddy

Shopping for the wedding will often turn into a big event, especially when it comes to the dress. Many women want their mother along to help them pick something out. Bridesmaids and the mother of the bride can often give different opinions. And the bride might wish to listen to both. It's a good idea to have all the help available while dress shopping. The bride's mum can usually offer a bit more experience. Of course, she mustn't forget to sort out her own outfit too. Visit www.froxoffalkirk.com/plus-size-mother-of-the-bride.html to get some ideas that could coordinate with the wedding theme.


It can be surprising how much research goes into planning a wedding. Not only do you need to find different vendors for various aspects of the day. You can research family traditions too. The bride's mum can be a great help with coming up with ideas. She can see if there's anything important to include. There might be family or cultural traditions that the soon-to-be-married couple wants to use. Or perhaps there's a family heirloom the bride wants to wear.


Point of Contact

Many couples will use the mother of the bride as their point of contact for wedding vendors - with her permission, of course! Organising a wedding can be frantic, and it helps to have someone a bit calmer to deal with things. If she's willing, the mother of the bride can help with organisation. But that doesn't mean it's acceptable to force her into taking a role she doesn't want. You can find a guide to organising the wedding at http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/10/mother-of-the-bride-tasks-responsibilities-sandy-malone.html.


The bride's mother can also be excellent at playing host when people start arriving for the wedding. She can be there before anyone else gets there to greet them. If it's the night before the wedding, she might arrange a dinner party for some of the family too. However, this again can feel like a lot of responsibility. No mother who doesn't feel comfortable doing it should feel that they have to.

Dressing on the Day

Getting into a wedding dress, as well as doing hair and makeup, can be complicated. It's always a good idea to have all hands on deck and have mum there to help out. The bridesmaids will be getting ready too, so they might not be much help. Of course, the mother of the bride needs to sort out her own outfit, but she probably won't be having her hair and makeup done professionally.

There are lots of ways the mother of the bride can help out before, during and after the wedding. She can be as much help as both she and her daughter want.

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