Tips & Hacks For a Perfect Summer Wedding Look

Being a bride is no piece of cake. There are so many things to juggle, tastes to satisfy, parents wishes to fulfill that it sometimes seems impossible to pull it off; but we always do it, and we do it better than anyone else.
If you have opted for a summer wedding, you have probably picked a fantastic destination, somewhere on the beach or close to the ocean, you may have even organized a sunset gathering somewhere by the pool or a huge venue with a lot of greens and flowers that have already blossomed… No? Well, whichever venue you’ve chosen it must be that it is absolutely fantastic, just as you are.
The trouble with throwing a summer wedding though is that it tends to get too hot, unless you are exchanging your vows sometime at the end of August. Because of this heat, brides tend to have a problem keeping their makeup intact and choose the type of dress that won’t make them sweat (too much). Since these are pretty common problems, we’ve put together a little list we like to call the wedding bucket list as these tricks and hacks always save the day!
Summer kissed face
Summer kissed face.jpg
If you are doing the makeup yourself, there are a few tricks to master before you become your personal makeup artist.
Since sweating in the summer is inevitable, heavy makeup is the first thing to forget about. While glowing skin is beautiful, oily or sweaty skin is, in lack of a better word, gross. This is why for foundation – apply an anti-shine product (if your skin is oily do the same thing with an oil-free moisturizer). If you don’t have problematic skin you skip foundation altogether and start the makeup with spot concealer which will keep the makeup “together” longer. Spots to hit are around corners of your nose, under eyes and places where you have blemishes.  Powder your face with a small brush for finish.
Long lashes (silk extensions, often) are the best eye makeup! Add a little shimmer on the eyelids and your eyes will be glowing while you’ll look absolutely stunning. Remember – for a summer wedding – the simpler the better!
The big makeup question is how to keep the lipstick on throughout the whole wedding, right? Lip pencil is a true life savior for lipstick duration. Pencil your lips all around (make sure you don’t go over) and then color the lips with that same pencil. While there are plenty of complicated ways to keep the lipstick on, this one is the best. The makeup artists we are working with say that the final touch is just as important as the process of filling in the lips. “Adding a touch of gloss and applying lipstick sealer. Just one coat on your upper and lower lips will hold your color in place all day, or at least most of it”.
Mermaid body
Mermaid body.jpg
Whether you are opting for a flowy dress or something body curving, the key to looking fabulous is owning just the right piece of shapewear. The suggestion we always give to our brides is shapewear by Leonisa as it comes in variety of colors, it fits everyone and it will tighten you up in all the right places. And, most importantly – they are made of high quality fabrics so you won’t suffer a heatstroke wearing it, no matter how hot the summer of your wedding is!
Sun in the hair
Sun in the hair.jpg
For a summer wedding, forget about too complicated hairdos because they simply don’t work with the easiness of the summer. Instead, curl your hair and let it down or even opt for a messy hair don’t care thing – it will look adorable! The styled up version of these is a messy pony or a bun. A more chic hairdo for a summer wedding is “wet hair” do which will make you look like a Sea Goddess.
Weddings are that time in life when rules you apply to your planning have nothing to do with pain, but rather immense joy – these rules known as be gorgeous, be happy, look fabulous are nothing but postulates of every fabulous wedding and even more fabulous bride, that is – you.

About the author:
Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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