What To Look For When You're Dress Shopping For Your Wedding

One of the tasks a bride-to-be looks forward to most is dress shopping. As soon as we become engaged, it’s usually all we can think of! But the reality of dress shopping isn’t quite as exciting as we may think. We often start with a strong idea in mind of what we would like our dream wedding dress to look like. But that doesn’t mean we will find it!

It’s better to start the hunt for a wedding dress with an open mind. Any bridal boutique will have more than a dozen dresses you can look at and try on. This is a lot of dresses to get through. And if you are looking for bridesmaid dresses too, this could take even longer. For Chinese weddings, a bride will need to buy three dresses, so a lot of shopping stamina is needed.

You can make the task a little easier by narrowing down your choices straight away. This saves you trying on lots of dresses that just aren’t going to suit you. Be sure you know exactly what size you are, and consider your body shape too. This will help you decide lots of things about the cut and style of the wedding dress.

Most wedding dresses are floor length will a short train. But you can choose knee length dresses too. These look particularly attractive on girls with very slender calves. A-line skirts can be very feminine, or you may prefer something more figure hugging at this length. Some dresses at this length have detachable trains. This makes them very practical and comfortable for the whole day.

The neckline is very important on a wedding dress. Square cuts are not so common now, but they can be the most flattering shape for small to medium chests. A plunging neckline, revealing the whole decolletage has been very popular in recent years. This can look great for brides with a good cleavage, but it should be avoided by those with a very small or very large bust. Halter necks are very elegant on very slim girls.

Sleeves are starting to make a comeback this season as well. Highly ornate sleeves in silk and lace detail look very glamorous. They work particularly well with a high neck dress. Bridesmaid dresses are often less formal. It has become common for the bridesmaid to shop and pay for their own dresses. Usually, the bride will have a color scheme in mind for the bridesmaid to stick to. It helps to make sure the bridesmaid is in a dress they are comfortable with and that suits them well.

Many brides that depart for a honeymoon on their wedding night like a second outfit to leave the reception from. This may also be in white, but will be less ornate and restrictive than a wedding dress. A suit could be ideal, or something you might wear on race day. What you wear is only part of what makes your wedding day special, though. Be sure to pick dresses that make you feel gorgeous too!

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