Pros And Cons Of Using Separate Wedding Venues

Every bride wants the perfect wedding. They want the venue to be as beautiful as they imagined. A wedding should be chic and elegant. We all want our wedding to be clean, crisp and white. Weddings come in two parts, though. This may mean that you legally marry in one place, then move to another for the celebration and reception. This isn’t unusual, but many wedding venues are now licenced to offer you both under one roof. Where you have your wedding is very important. So just how do you decide where to marry? Here are the benefits of each to help you choose:

Separate Ceremony Venue
For those of you who wish to have a religious ceremony, this is usually the only way to do it. You will first attend your place of worship to marry before God. The ceremony is longer than a non-religious wedding. Songs and prayers may be sung, depending on your faith. Your marriage is blessed and then legalised by the signing of the register. Religious ceremonies cannot be conducted outside of the church or your religious centre.

Even if you are not having a marriage in a church, you may still choose to marry legally elsewhere. The most basic wedding can be conducted at the Registry office, usually housed in your local Government building. You can then enjoy the beauty of a formal reception at any other venue you choose.

Sometimes it is cheaper just to pay for the legal ceremony rather than adding on a reception. It is particularly expensive to marry somewhere like a historic building or exclusive country house. Receptions can be taken anywhere, including your home or local pub. Only a small number of venues are licensed for marrying couples.

One Venue Wedding
The logistics of transporting all your guests from one place to the next can be a nightmare. You may need to pay for a bus, or expect people to bring their cars. This means there will be a lot of sober designated drivers at your reception! Using the same venue means everyone stays together to enjoy your big day. If you look at hotel and garden wedding venues, your guests would only need to step outside.

Being under one roof saves you having to hire your wedding car twice to take you from one venue and then onto the next. If the weather is awful out, though, you are more prone to getting wet or windswept between the venues. You can often get a discount on your reception if you also marry at the same venue.

There is often accommodation available at wedding venues. This means you can start your honeymoon straight from the wedding ceremony. Again, discounts are often offered as part of an all-in-one package. If you are in one place, you can choose decor that will match your ceremony as well as your reception.

When you’re dressed in your bridal outfit, moving around can be quite tricky. Many brides opt for the convenience of a single venue for their wedding day. Of course, there is nothing stopping you heading out in the wedding car to get some photos with a different backdrop! Have a beautiful day, wherever you may be.

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