Easy Steps to Designing Your Engagement Ring

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Brides are always looking for ways to be unique before and during their wedding day. The rings are some of the most important things to consider for many couples. They're not just meant for one day, but for the whole of your marriage. A lot of couples consider designing their own rings, both for the engagement and wedding. It gives them something unique to hold onto. When you're looking at rings in the stores, they can all start to blur together and look the same. Designing your own ring will ensure that you have something special to you, and no one else will have anything like it. Here's how you can do it.

Set a Budget

Before you design a custom ring, you have to decide what you're willing to spend. Many couples spend more on the engagement ring than on the wedding rings. You might want to take that into account when you're setting a budget. The most important thing is that you spend however much you can afford. Don't choose your budget based on the average spend or how much your best friend paid. But at the same time, you need to be realistic. Having a custom ring made will obviously be more expensive, so do some research about how much it could cost.

Look for Inspiration

Even though you want a unique ring, you will still want to take some inspiration from existing rings. The best thing is that you can pick the best features from a number of rings and put them all together to create your dream piece. Before you can make a ring you love, look at magazines, websites and stores to see what you like. It will help you get an eye for what looks good and how you can put different elements together. You don't want to try and cram too much into one ring and have it looking gaudy.

Consider Materials

The biggest decisions to make are the metal and the stones you want to use. There are the traditional ones of diamonds for engagement rings and gold for wedding bands. But you have lots of options to choose from, ranging from expensive to more affordable. The great thing about building your own ring is that you can combine any metal and stone that are available. You could have rose gold with an emerald or platinum with a sapphire. It's up to you to choose.

Find Someone to Make Your Ring

Finally, you need someone to make your ring. You might choose a company early on so that they can help you with your design. There are several jewelers you can choose from. You can get a custom ring from DeSumma & Wexler Fine Jewelers, for example. They can help you create a unique design or even replicate an existing piece. Many companies will give you someone to help you create a unique ring that's unlike any other.

If there's one thing you want to be different from what anyone else has, make it your engagement or wedding ring. It will be with you for the rest of your marriage.

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