The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist

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Your big day is the most special time in your life. Amidst all that excitement, though, the planning process can be very stressful. There’s a big responsibility to get things right. Not only because you want your marriage to start on the strongest foot, but also because it costs thousands to organise this occasion.

The effort will all be worthwhile, but that shouldn’t detract from the importance of great preparations. Some items aren’t overly crucial, but others are non-negotiable. Here is your essential checklist to ensure that you don’t forget any of the most important aspects.

Hair & Make-Up
No bride is ever going to forget her wedding dress. It’s the one garment she’s been dreaming of for years and has probably spent months sourcing. However, it can be quite easy to forget about the hair and make-up.

These aspects are just as important to building the beautiful bride’s appearance on her big day. You can always use a friend. But a professional is probably the best bet, simply because there’s no emotional pressure attached.

The Small Items
Your attentions will naturally be focused on big items such as the wedding venue, outfits and rings. However, it’s the small details that transform a good wedding into a great one. If you want yours to be truly memorable, then it’s important not to forget them.

If nothing else, they help build a better atmosphere and will make the day more memorable too. If that isn’t a big enough incentive, we don’t know what is.

Every bride should arrive to her wedding in ultimate style. Not only does it help her make the grandiose entrance on her big day, but it also helps calm the nerves. Furthermore, it can protect the bride from the elements. This will allow her appearance to remain in perfect condition throughout.

Look online for more info about luxury car hires that will ensure the bride and bridesmaids arrive in a manner befitting of the occasion. You will not regret it.

The Seating Plan
Your wedding day is a celebration of love between two people. Naturally, you want to share that romance with the special people in your lives. However, it’s important to accept that not all family members will get along.

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This could be particularly pertinent if either bride or groom grew up in a split home. Parents and step-parents can easily fall out. If there’s even a slight chance of this being an issue, adjust your seating plan accordingly. Problem solved.

This is the most important and memorable day of your lives. You’ll be eager to have those magical memories captured forever, and the best way to do this is with a professional photographer. Find out more now, though, as leaving it longer could lead to huge disappointments.

There is no doubt that it’s a big expense, but the end results easily justify the outlay. Meanwhile, you could take things one step further by hiring a videographer too. Either way, it’s the ultimate way to remember the happiest day of your lives.

The Evening
Sure, the wedding is primarily about the ceremony. However, no wedding is complete without the perfect evening. Get the party started in style, and it will provide the perfect end to a perfect day.

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