Small Details You Shouldn't Neglect for Your Big Day

There's no getting around the fact that weddings require a lot of planning. Even when you decide to have a small affair with not much going on, there are still arrangements to be made. There are so many huge things to take care of, such as the venue and entertainment. We can neglect the small stuff. Some of the tiny details can make an enormous difference to the day and the wedding experience as a whole. You need to think about a lot, from invitations to sending everyone home with party favors. When you start planning the big day, don't forget to include these smaller details.

The invitation is one of the first things that most people will see of your wedding. They might already know that you're engaged, but your invites set the precedent for your big day. If they're cheap and shabby, your guests might think that the rest of the wedding will be too. You can choose to buy your invites and customize them to suit you. These Paper Themes wedding invites are customizable. You can also order free samples to check the quality. If you do decide to make them yourself, spend some time getting them right. Try making a couple of prototypes to see what you think looks best.

Wedding Day Information

When the wedding arrives, everyone needs to know what they're doing. Make sure you don't skimp on the information that you provide them. Otherwise, everything could end up falling into chaos. They need directions so that they know where to go on the day, and a short program of events can help too. If people are coming from out of town, recommending somewhere to stay is a good idea. People need to know where they should be at what time. Let them know when the different parts of the day are expected to start and finish.

Party Favors

It's nice to give your guests something they can take away with them at the end of the night. Or you can give them something they can enjoy at their table. Many couples choose to provide party favors of various types. But some go the extra mile. You could give them bubbles, confetti and a few pieces of candy. But you can also get much more inventive and provide something more memorable. You might choose to give everyone a special cocktail you have had made for the day. Some people give their guests something to take home, such as a candle or something they can use around the house.

Kids' Activities

If you've got kids coming to the wedding, it's a good idea to consider them in the day's events. Many children will happily sit at the table for dinner and eat their food without extra entertainment. But sometimes you might want to provide something for them to do so that they aren't running around all the time. You could give them coloring pages, a craft station or even somewhere they can decorate cupcakes.

The small details can make all the difference to your wedding. Pay attention to them to make the event that little bit better.

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