Simple yet chic ways to have a bachelorette party


For girls the half of bachelorette planning refers to choosing the right outfit, for the bride-to-be and her amazing bridesmaids. Made of honor and the rest of the bridesmaids are held responsible for the event and everything about the event planning.

Burden of a great responsibility will fall off of their shoulders once they become sure that everything is perfectly well prepared for their friends last night of freedom. In order to accomplish that perfect, exciting and fun night/day/weekend, you should put a lot of imagination and a bit of hard work.
Party style defines your style
Deciding what to wear on a bachelorette depends a lot on where are you going, what are your plans, is there a special dress code, is there a theme to it, and what kind of weather is expected. Although the style of the outfits is a big part of bachelorette organization, and normally something like that could cause stress, luckily women usually don’t have many problems with clothes shopping. If the party is dress-the-same type, then it is important to meet with your friends and go shopping together. In that case, also don’t forget that it is “all about the bride-to-be” so she should have some distinction mark.
Chill out and relax
Due to all the wedding preparation stress, it’s no wonder a bride-to-be need time to recover her energy and relax, so she can go into her new life fresh and restful. For that reason a spa day is becoming a very popular way to celebrate the last day of freedom. If you’re invited/organizing that kind of bachelorette, a perfect outfit idea are these Mi Emporium satin robes embroideries such as “bride”, “maid of honor”, “bridesmaid”, “mother of the bride” etc.
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Be fun and adorable
The most typical way to celebrate a bachelorette is of course, girls’ night out. The reasons for this kind of celebrating is popular are because it’s easy to organize it and there is no failure in it, because it’s always fun. An adorable choice of clothing for these occasions are tutus and graphic t-shirts. When will you find another opportunity to wear a tutu, without being seen as a crazy lady? You can pair them up with heels or with sneakers.

If that is not silly enough for you, pair up your tutus with matching personalized t-shirts. As the bride-to-be should be at the very center of attention, she should wear a different color skirt or a t-shirt, or perhaps even a tiara.
Theme it up
A great and fun trend when it comes to bachelorette is a themed party. Some of the most interesting themes are history related. For example a Roman toga party which is quite easy to make by using nothing more than white sheets and golden accessories.

Also, very handy to make are pin up style parties, 80’s glam rock, 60’s hippie movement, etc. Because your friend the future bride is the hero of the night, a spectacular idea is to make a super hero themed party, where she would, of course, be no one else, but Wonder Woman.
Man up and suit up
A bachelorette is the great time to show the men that women are the “man of the hour”. The best way to do that is to “walk in their shoes” or in this case, suits? Wear a tux or a suit and, by all means, have the suits tailored or retailored, so you can look both dangerous and sexy.

Again, a reminder of distinctiveness of the bride. Acquire a cylinder hat for the bride-to-be or some accessory in your choice. And for an extra touch of femininity and sexiness put on a bright red lipstick.
Use this night to celebrate your friendship with the bride-to-be, and to send her of to her new life with style. Although most of the men would consider women silly for worrying about the outfit so much, what they don’t know is that, for ladies it is a piece of the puzzle that makes their evening special. With that said, it’s time to head to shopping!

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