How to Make Your Wedding Photos Special

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I love looking back at photos of our wedding day. There are loads of great memories there, and they remind me of how our family has grown since. It would be pretty sad if we didn't have these special mementos to look back on - and show off to other people. I know a lot of brides get obsessed with having the perfect wedding photos. I can see why when it's one of the only physical memories you have of the day. If you're determined to have photos that you'll treasure forever, you need to do some smart planning.

Find the Right Photographer

Hiring a photographer that suits you is a must if you want to have perfect wedding photos. You need someone who has a style that you love, and you also need to get along with them. You don't want to get into an argument with the photographer on your wedding day! Think about the style you wish to use to capture your special day. You might want some traditional portraits, or you might hire someone like Jason Parsons to do a more natural documentary style. Make sure you have a thorough look at their portfolio to assess the quality of their work.

Communicate Your Wishes

If you don't ask, you don't get. You need to be assertive enough to tell the photographer and anyone else who needs to know what you want. You should start thinking about it and discussing it long before the wedding day. You can come up with a plan of action for the approach you want the photographer to take and any photos you have to have. Some of this will depend on the selection of your photographer. Don't choose someone with a natural style and expect them to do lots of posed portraits.

Plan the Venue and Outfits Accordingly

You can have the best photographer in the world, but you still need to consider what will be in the photos. Your choice of venue, the decoration and everyone's outfits will all play a part in the composition of the pictures. One of the reasons why it's typically a faux-pas for anyone except the bride to wear white is that it draws the eye in photos. So think about your photographs when you're making all your other wedding decisions. How will the venue work if you only want to use natural light? Are the bridesmaids dresses going to make them look washed out?

Crowdsource from Your Guests

It's not just the professional photos that can create precious memories. Some of the best shots can come from your guests. Make sure you don't miss out on any of the gems they capture by encouraging them to share what they have. You can ask them to put them straight on Facebook, Instagram or another platform. Or you can set up a Dropbox or other cloud storage for them to upload their pictures.

Your wedding photos are something you can keep long after the big day. Put in the effort to make them special and you'll treasure them forever.

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