How to Dress for a Beach Wedding


There’s probably nothing as gorgeous as a wedding on the beach. The golden sun on your skin, breeze on your face, sand between your toes and blue hues of the wonderful ocean in front of you, and your dear friends in front of you, saying their “I DO”s, vowing in front of their friends, family and nature to love each other forever. It’s no surprise that destination weddings have become so popular in the recent years, given the beauty and serenity that comes with them.
Since you’ve been invited as a guest, and you’ll have the opportunity to share this glorious day with your friends and in such an unusual ambiance, you should know you’ll require an outfit, far different than the one you planned on wearing had the wedding took place in a gala restaurant of an expensive hotel.
Beach weddings are all about fun, excitement, the easiness of the moment. So, it is up to you to dress accordingly and enjoy your time!
Here’s a guide we believe will be super helpful to anyone who is expected to show up as guest at a beach wedding.
1. Go breezy
1. Go breezy.jpg
When attending a by the sea wedding it is out of the question to opt for anything tight, fitted and uncomfortable. Your outfit should reflect the atmosphere of the place you are at and catch your general feeling about the event. Also, pants should not be your top choice. The easier, the better.
With so many wonderfully designed gowns and beautiful dresses online and in stores around your town, you can’t say you aren’t given much of a choice. Gorgeous flowy maxi in various colors, patterns and styles may be the right choice. Opt for a pastel number that will compliment your bronze skin tone or – if you feel like showing a little leg – a knee-length dress or designer skirts and shorts paired with a cute top will do the trick. Just don’t go too short, leave something to the imagination.
2. Mind the shoes
2. Mind the shoes.jpg
And while your first instinct would be high heels that will make your legs look slimmer and your bum plumper, this is a beach wedding – meaning, a lot of sand and uneven ground to walk on! This is definitely not the scene for heels but some gorgeous flat sandals or ballerina shoes. We’d recommend going with sandals – after all, they are more chic and definitely more comfortable for walking on the sand. If you outfit permits it go with a golden sandal shade or anything resembling the color of sand. That way you’ll give the illusion of being barefoot, which is super cute!
3. Statement jewelry pieces
3. Statement jewelry pieces.jpg
Again, summer is all about imitating the colors around you and embracing them through your outfit and jewelry. Golden, pastels, bold colors like yellows, navy blue, aqua blue, various shades of green may just be the perfect choice. For this wedding chose a bold necklace inspired by the ocean and earbuds in the same style or shade. Make sure you don’t overdo your jewelry – you only need one statement piece, everything else should be complimentary pieces.
4. Hair and makeup
4. Hair and makeup.jpg
Don’t even think about contouring, and layers and layers of makeup! We know you want to look gorgeous for the photos, but too much makeup will not only melt but it will make you feel too uncomfortable. All you need is a thin layer of liquid powder (just to cover irritation, redness or blemishes), bronze blush for the cheekbones, a lot of mascara and a lipstick that will agree with your outfit. Both matte and glossy lip colors will work. As for hair – choose a boho chic and let it breathe and flow in its natural wave!

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design he worked as a fashion stylist for few local fashion events. Beside fashion and styling, he enjoys traveling around exotic destinations and discovering new vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his personal styling business.

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