Hen Party Tips for a Happy Bride to Be

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If you’re due to be the maid of honour at a wedding, chances are you’re in charge of the hen party. The hen party is supposed to be the bride’s last night as a ‘single’ woman, so you need to make it amazing for her! These tips will help to ensure you have a happy bride to be all throughout the night:

Go Somewhere that Suits Her

Make sure you go somewhere that suits the bride to be. If she isn’t into strippers and things like that, please don’t take her to a place full of strippers. However, if she would love that sort of thing, you probably shouldn’t take her to afternoon tea. It doesn’t matter what you or anybody else is into; this is about her and you all need to go along with it. The Play Lounge and venues like that are good choices because they are versatile.

Make Sure She Always Has a Drink

If you make sure the bride always has a drink, whether it’s a red wine or a cup of earl grey, she’ll be happy. Make sure you’re thinking of her before anybody else. This way, you know she’s happy and that’s the most important thing.

Keep Her Away from Disputes and Arguments

Keep the bride away from any disputes and arguments that might occur. You don’t want her to get involved, let alone even know they are going on. This is her special night and nothing should be able to ruin it! Hopefully, there won’t be any arguments at all. However, putting a group of girls together fueled by wine can be dangerous.


Personalise the Night

Personalise the night for her if you can. Use personalised balloons, sashes, table decorations, and anything else you can find to make this night all about her. She’ll be very happy when she sees the effort you’ve gone to.

Ask for a Song for Her

If you go to a club, request a song to be dedicated to her. The DJ will usually do this, especially if you explain that it’s her hen night. Pick a song that will get her up on the dance floor and ready to party!

Take an Emergency Kit

You want to avoid as many mishaps as possible tonight. The only way you can do this is by taking an emergency kit with you. Fill it with plasters, gel cushions for shoes, a needle and thread...anything you think you might need to stop the bride throwing a hissy fit. Show her what a good friend you are by carrying this with you through the night ready for any emergencies that may occur.

Use these hen party tips and you’re sure to have one happy bride to be. She’ll remember this night forever and you’ll all be able to look back on it with a smile. Make this night all about her, and she’ll no doubt do the same for you when it’s time for you to get hitched. Have an amazing night!

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