Fall Wedding: Flower Girls Inspirations


When planning a wedding it is important to include all the factors. One of them is, of course, the season. Fall is the ideal time to get married, because it offers chances to get creative and play around with colors and clothes. Now, we all know that there is one woman who should get all the attention on that special day. Still, the bride is not the only lady that will have all eyes on her. The adorable flower girls with get their share of attention, too. That’s why it is important to make them look perfect and dressed for the occasion. This meaningful and responsible role in little girls’ lives should become a lovely memory. Let us see now, how to make that memory a happy one, for the bride, the guests and the flower girls.
Choosing the Colors
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Including the flower girls into the decision making process will create a bond between the bride and the girls. That is what will make the whole setting-the-path-for-the-bride even more adorable. The colors of the flower girls’ outfits should definitely match with something at the ceremony, but it does not necessarily have to be the wedding dress. Going with the mini-mi options is always a sure thing, but it is not all about playing it safe. Flower girls’ dresses or accessories can be color-coordinated with the bridesmaids’ outfits or with the wedding venue decorations. Since we are talking about the fall wedding, it would be interesting to avoid the traditional white, and opt for beige, brown, orange, green, purple or yellow.
Dressing the Dolls
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When the color issue is covered, it is time to turn to the style of the dress. That includes the length, the material and the cut. The most important thing is that the girls are comfortable in their outfits. That is why it is recommendable to avoid harsh materials and tight dresses. They should be able to move around and play with their friends. Lace, crochet, tulle, satin are always nice and elegant materials. For somewhat chillier fall days, an interesting variant is a knitted dress. A maxi dress is a nice way of adding to the elegance and tutu skirts are for extra cuteness. Some simpler cuts can be elevated with accessories. For risk takers, one more option is pants/leggings and tunic or a shirt (with added bow-tie in colors of the fall).
Details: Hairstyle, Shoes and Accessories
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Some little girls do not like to have their hair tied up with hair bands and hairpins. In that case, it is the best just to decorate their hair with headbands or garlands. When accessorizing their hairstyles with garlands, it is important to match it with the season (leaves, darker color flowers, seasonal flowers). An elegant bun will give that Audrey Hepburn chic to the ceremony. Braids are always a cute option. Taking some risks regarding the footwear choice is desirable. Why not choose cowboy boots or sneakers? It is important to find great deals on kids shoes because they’ll outgrow them quickly. A couple of years back, everyone would say that the most important flower girls’ accessories are their flower baskets. Things are a little different today. Flower girls can carry rustic markers with announcements “Here comes the bride”, some framed photos, or whatever crosses one’s mind. As for the other accessories, fur coat, jacket, cardigan or a bolero will be necessary in colder days. Jewelry isn’t required if the dress is embellished with many details. If the outfit is a little simpler, tiny purse, shoes, simple jewelry and hair accessories should be a pop of (fall) color.
The cutest part of the wedding ceremony is always when the flower girls are walking down the aisle, introducing the bride. For them, that is an important moment in their lives, because they are participating in an adult event. That’s why they should look and feel special, like little princesses they are.

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