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Since 1994, Advent Hair has been providing custom and pre-made hair systems to men and women who are tired of dealing with hair replacement studios and getting ripped off.
We manufacture every type of hair system available today and our research department is in close contact with the Asian factories to ensure that our quality and time-to-market is the best in the industry.
Once you switch to Advent, you'll never buy from a Studio Again!
Advent Hair - your Uncle in the business!

London, UK

At Hershesons we have earned a reputation as the go-to brand for COOL GIRL HAIR. We are a COMMUNITY that sets the HAIR AGENDA. Our culture and heritage is a result of years of dedication to our salons, PRODUCTS, our EDITORIAL collaborations and the looks we create at fashion SHOWSand on the RED CARPET.

Tehran, Iran

hairdressers work with a variety of blue pearl beaded sequin embroidery art in general